laundry this way


hey readers….

i am finding time ….it is more than i have had before….but it is just plain different as i write…the laundry is tumbling….iTunes radio keeps me company these days not the buzz of my phone from business related texts and phone calls like before….

it is an ADJUSTMENT people….. so while i am adjusting i decided to try some things that i thought i never would….. why not make your own detergent?  isn’t that always the first thing that comes to mind?   so it has been tested here for a number of weeks and gets a big HUGE thumbs up for price, smell, and ease….making and use.  easy is what i was after….i am not “that mom” who can make all things seem like the seamlessly fold into an ordinary day….

my new laundry products have huge shoes to fill… commercial detergent comes in cute pods and the lavender sachets have made me happy for a long time….



here is the recipe…. (honestly who knows who to give credit to?….the same recipe is on so many blogs) but i decided to make the dry detergent (as opposed to liquid) because it didn’t involve a 5 gallon bucket….who has time or a place for a 5 gallon bucket of detergent….

1 cup borax (find at a grocery store or walmart- really only $3 for the whole box)

1 cup washing powder (find at a grocery store or walmart- really $3 for the whole box)

1 grated soap (i used pure castile lavender) – i got mine at earth faire but whole foods etc has this…. $4.45

****use 1-2 T for each load!!

the only time this really took was grating the bar soap….like the whole thing…but i am on the 4th week of using the new detergent and loving it.

reasons for making/using detergent:

smell – i love having the freedom to add scent or not…..

no chemicals– yay for one more thing that i don’t loosely worry about

frequency/quantity– no more spending $20 on pods that disappear so quickly, the big huge $3 box of borax etc. will last for a lot more batches…you don’t use the whole box for one recipe….less times hauling heavy detergents home!! yay!!

price- most blogs say that the price comparison is .25 for store bought loads vs. .05 for those you make…


laundry roomon the subject of laundry….. (the curtain hides wire shelves, wink! why spend on the laundry room?  make it cuter with a curtain when the door is open!)

for us laundry seems to never end…anybody else have that handled?  i decided to lighten my load (literally), and teach responsibility through the chore of putting laundry away ….

3 sprouts…one of my favorite gear providers from the store….organic materials too

the kids can carry their own laundry up the stairs by putting it over their shoulder and still holding on to the rail….no fear of falling when coming down either…precious and easy to use the laundry baskets from 3 sprouts made this chore a little cuter and safer!!

in addition to detergent and awesome baskets i have also added wool dryer balls (instead of a fabric softener or a dryer sheet)….add drops of essential oil to the ball and you have a fabulous smelling load of laundry!!  the only downside i have found to these is that they do make a substantial bumping noise…no joke i had to get used to the sound…sounds a whole lot like someone is trying to break into the house….yet another adjustment!!

wood dryer balls like these!!


cute too!!

kinda these two…..forever ago…. 😉


campers 2


happy Monday…working on household cleaners & dish washing detergent!!






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A new season…..

Hello Friends & Customers!!

It is so hard to know where to start and even where to start blogging again because now there is some time…..I have news for you but who knows how to even begin… I guess the news first….. As of January 10th ….Blessed Be the Name, Favorite Laundry (label and the store), & Between Collection are all under new ownership!!!  whew……

So the beginning…

For 10 years manufacturing, trunk shows, tween clothing, photography, and retail have all been my passion…I believe that God planted that desire so that I could serve each of you and also my family in the process.  The businesses have allowed me to be creative, interact with people, make friendships, work with my besties, learn to be resourceful, learn photography & graphic design, and I was able to “stay home” with my children in the process.  All of this time I have felt strongly that I was doing exactly what God wanted me to do…..and I have loved it….and had the energy for it.

store pic

For about six months my husband and i have felt very prompted to pray whether God would like me to change direction…..and change my direction he did.  Not only did he provide clear answers in indisputable ways but he allowed a peace about each step….

I am reading a book called “Discerning The Voice of God” by Priscilla Shirer and through it  God has continually provided confirmation….

“Matthew 6:6 promises that ‘your Father sees what is done in secret’- the praying, listening, and seeking and will reward you with His presence, His guidance, and the gripping sound of His voice.”

I love to work, to help, to be scheduled, to contribute, to be daily challenged to learn something new, to work with people towards a goal….I just knew that God had something in store that was different than what I had been doing…so I kept praying.  God answered me specifically:millie small


*I have a new job …a contract photography job- photographing one-day-old babies…..seriously….and my children don’t feel that I work- I meet them as they step off the bus.


*I will be doing family & newborn photography as Ashley Eiler Designs in the Birmingham area….as the opportunities come…

*I am a photographer for a huge facebook company….I will be asking for your children to help me… clothes to model

*I will be doing graphic design & marketing assistance for a company on an as needed basis

*God provided a buyer to continue manufacturing all three brands (in what capacity we are not sure yet) & continue the retail location. 

all of this happened within 2 months…..

So I am writing to tell you thank you…..

thank you for all of the clothing you have bought over the years, I hope that you will see your children dressed in their sweet outfits in your memories.  thank you for making each company a success.  thank you for letting me give all of the glory to God for the businesses & for providing clean water for the people of Witto.  thank you for blessing me and my dear friends and co-workers with jobs for a long time. thank you for the sweet friendships that I have made with interactions due to business.

thank you from the bottom of my heart for loving each idea….

I can’t wait to blog here as I enter a new season… house is being organized & photographed as promised since it has been renovated ….life with a swimmer and gymnast will be photographed and blogged here….and I hope to share what God is doing in my little corner of the world as well…..

all of my love…..



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a treat for you!!

sometimes it is so nice to get things …totally free….use them for your iphone wallpaper and enjoy them on me…..

you can get them from facebook on the respective company pages too!! share the love!! happy tuesday!!
love, me!

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between collection update. . .

hey friends of the blog…

i hope your holidays were wonderful…ours were FULL of family time and a very low-key new life. we are simplifying at our house…..

speaking of our house …. i can’t wait to show you where we are and what we have been up to with regards to simplification and peace. i am not sure if it falls under the category of decorating really….honestly it is a light renovation but it is home and i can’t wait to share and document the process here…..

so i named this blog post between update so that is what i will give……

Between Collection has been on my mind and heart for a few years….I truly believe God laid it on my heart in a very non-negotiable way ….knowing the time would come for my own Mia to grow out of ruffles and smocking it was a welcome relief and need to move foward with the desire to clothe the girls wearing sizes 7-14… addition, hearing all of you express your desire to keep the sweet and innocent way of dressing your child a reality for a few more years furthered and solidified our thoughts and goals.

after working with manufacturing and learning the processes we came forward with 9 pieces, and then 2 more long sleeve options in our first year of release….and honestly it was late for spring/summer to be released and we have continued to try and remedy the late release by offering transitional pieces to add sleeves to the mix. I have learned so much…and our team here in the workroom has too. what a blessing to bring different ideas and skill sets to the table. We have bounced ideas off one another and expressed our needs for each of our girls who are in the difficult transition from Blessed Be the Name clothing to what the world has to offer. We are sometimes successful and sometimes not finding what we need in retail stores or online.

the bottom line is that between will not be bringing a new collection to spring 2013 because we do not feel as though the first release has had time and exposure to say that it has been fully exposed for the gift that it is to this age group. Also, we need to make sure that we are putting our efforts in the right place. The 9 pieces have not been seen by so many and although the release has been a success but we have to order such a quantity to manufacture in this way it is important for me to also make smart decisions.

in short…..we are offering between collection currently in our BBTN trunk shows to solidify or dispell our feelings on whether we will release a fall 2013 collection. we need to know if the industry can support a tween line fully or if you are finding what you need elsewhere and there is not enough of a need to move forward. as for now we will move between collection under the marketing plan of Blessed Be the Name. We are also excited about serving our BBTN customers through offering the collection as a natural transition out of the younger line of clothing. We would like to help the girls graduate into between collection and the way we feel we need to do that is to present it as an option while the customer is there…..

**please know that your support of Between Collection at our BBTN trunks shows will help us make our decisions and we will continue to be prayerful about our future.

We are excited about this decision…..between collection was also offered through our atlanta rep and will be sold in retail stores throughout the southeast this spring! we are wishing them a great success.

we are blessed to be serving you in these different ways, Blessed Be the Name, Favorite Laundry & Between Collection….
i personally am using this opportunity to hear from the Lord….praying for a great heaping amount of wisdom as i go…..

i love you our customers…..

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a celebration & an introduction. . .

hello to those who read. . .
i feel like i should catch up and then announce spring….my blog life is still in the summer of 2012. such is life though….always looking forward and trying to not forget….the good, the bad, the memorable…..and so we find ourselves living in the moment because that is what we can do…..and do our best to not forget.

so spring 2013 is on my proverbial plate….and i love all things about it.

a little story spring…..& i want you to meet someone

It has been 10 years since Blessed Be the Name was started. We are celebrating so much about what this past tens years has been. Spring to us is such an endearing step towards making sure that we are true to who we started out being.
**more later on our beginnings….

There is so much that is changing- the ages of kids, seasons of life…..what you do daily changes so much that you barely recognize the difference but then the is change so gradual that it always feels normal and most importantly – right where you need to be….

Blessed Be the Name has stayed with it’s classic roots….as a designer i know right away whether or not it is “us” because it is really most like a knee-jerk reaction to each fabric, pattern, artwork for appliques, graphic design elements… I have stuck to my guns and protected what “we” are for years….10 to be exact and we are celebrating that this season. I have drawn every applique – and refused to make them huge…..i have let patterns fit as opposed to being oversized…. and we have been age appropriate not thrusting your little ones into a much older look that they have their whole life to step in to.

Times are changing though….the industry is changing…it is now the comfortable home of social media boasting of “tag it”, “win it”, cheap & quick, and the almighty sale….. it seems that the art of custom clothing in the name of memories and quality is held on to with white knuckles for the trunk show community. we do not suffer…..we are just going to hold value with those who keep it as important. I hope this includes you…

For 10 years you have been able to call us and talk with those who have been here invested…..or me. seriously…..there is no customer service department or invoice number…just your name….and you can even come see us – we want to know you…..

We have made our place and we will faithfully serve those who value the memories that go along with dressing your child in tradition and whimsey with your own preferences….i for one think it is very important- with eternal importance in check of course. I still remember picking Logan’s clothes and the pictures & have so much attachment because of it…..oh dear…my Mia and her precious outfits…..the ones that i chose every little detail are my very favorite.

Blessed Be the Name is going to adapt this season by keeping what we do well and adding a portion that will meet different needs….we are not saying that we are or were lacking because we have brought you our best but we are willing to adapt….because truthfully our girls are all getting older and we like this the best on them as well. Whimsey looks a little different now and i think we can do it really well.

but…..we are excited about a relationship that is bringing you our new portion. Instead of redrafting what we love …..we asked permission.

I am excited to introduce you to Amy Norris, owner and designer behind Brownie Goose.

Amy was a previous customer of BBTN. We talked a number of years ago about the industry of manufacturing – i was admittedly “negative nancy” to her regarding what my work involved – i honestly think she caught me in the middle of a season that was just hard…..small children & a growing business…..and i am so grateful that she went to pattern making as opposed to bulk production. I gave her a very realistic view of the job of pleasing so many individuals and making clothing for customers on a bulk basis….our conversation was seasoned with gratefulness on my end that she asked….but caution as it is a business that demands that you either commit on a small scale or large scale…there is really nothing inbetween. i am so happy for her success in making patterns and lines as well.

Amy is full of spunk, creative, super talented and i wish she was my neighbor….

i have watched Amy….and i love her taste and style….so why reinvent what we love about what she is doing when we really could just celebrate her creativity and mine together? We will be bringing you several of her patterns & concepts…..however, the fabrics, trim and otherwise are our own.


Nelle & Lily Ruffler – renamed for ease of manufacturing on our end “Summer Capri”




Most are very much how she designed them to be…. and some are a little different….a hem here & a yoke there….i did grade them up to meet our requirements of a 10 on all sizes…..(yipeeee) Women…..this pattern-making stuff is incredibly difficult and especially if the garments actually fit…..days and days of pattern grading and copy making will honestly rival interstate paving….

Thank you Amy for being willing to embrace the spread of your love and hard work. We are truly appreciative of your design and concepts. I hope you will love our pieces!!

in appreciation of great design…..and a love for what we do…..only after a love for God Almighty.

all of my love…..

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